Paul very welcoming. Made to feel comfortable. Feel more positive. Yvonne Oldham, Midday Supervisor, William Stukeley CE Primary, Lincolnshire, January 2022

Very informative and interesting. Paul was excellent in understanding our concerns. Jan Armson, Lunchtime Supervisor, West Ewell Primary School, Surrey, October 2021

The Student Council have come back with very positive feedback about the lunchtime changes. They really like knowing where they have to sit as this alleviates a lot of stress regarding friendships and wondering who they can sit beside. They also like using the bands as they said they no longer have to wait as long as before. (I know the adults feel this too). Leah Bruen, Infant Lead, Christ Church New Malden CE Primary School, New Malden, Surrey, December 2019

Excellent. I found the training helpful with a lot of information which I can use going forward in my job role.
Joanne Brown, Midday Supervisor, Holywell School, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, November 2019

Enjoyable and enlightening. Excellent. All invaluable.
Mandy Macfarlane, Senior Midday Supervisor, Huntington Primary Academy, York, November 2019

Great session. Safe environment to talk and discuss issues and processes. Great listener.
Kerry Ricketts, Midday Supervisor, Winnersh Primary School, Berkshire, November 2019

All of the training programme was very informative and engaging. Excellent to be able to communicate as a group.
Janine Bainbridge, Teaching Assistant, St. Patrick's RC Primary School, Consett, County Durham, October 2019

The enthusiasm was fabulous and has made me want to make an immediate start. Excellent training.
Maria Clarke, Ropsley CE School, Lincolnshire, September 2019

Excellent training. All was useful especially looking at things in different ways.
Sally Howell, Midday Supervisor, Great Ponton Primary School, Lincolnshire, September 2019

Great training. Paul was brilliant- had great, helpful ideas. Will put into use.
Paula Atkinson, Midday Supervisor, Bracebridge Infant and Nursery School, Lincoln, September 2019

I really enjoyed the training. I have learnt a lot. I feel a lot more confident dealing with lunchtime incidents.
Lorna Wilks, Midday Supervisor, Granton Primary School, Streatham, London, September 2019

Excellent training. Very helpful that feedback/comments will go back to school leaders so that there is real whole school impact.
Teaching Assistants, Bransty Primary School, Whitehaven, Cumbria, July 2019

Amazing training with lots to take away and think about.
Sarah Scribbins, Teaching Assistant, Christ Church New Malden CE Primary School, New Malden, Surrey, June 2019

Excellent. I felt the training was very useful. Paul was very knowledgeable; his ideas are great and I can't wait to see it in action.
Efua Rentzos, Teaching Assistant, Millbrook Park CE Primary School, Mill Hill, London, June 2019

Excellent training session. Well presented and explained.
Hilda Lloyd, Midday Supervisor, Greatfield Park Primary School, Cheltenham, May 2019

Very good session- enabled me to consider different ways of doing things. It was great to be able to discuss our role as a group.
Julia Brown, Midday Supervisor, Field Court Junior School, Quedgeley, Gloucester, March 2019

Today has given me a more positive approach to lunchtimes. Will look forward to the new year!
Angela Cousins, Midday Supervisor, Vigo Primary School, Andover, December 2018

Excellent training. The positive praise advice was really useful to me.
Sarah Payne, Midday Supervisor, Kimpton, Fyfield and Thruxton C of E Primary School, Andover, December 2018

Excellent training. I am really excited about our school taking this on. I feel with Paul's supervision we could become a model school within our trust and that would be amazing!
T. Blake, Teaching Assistant, Aldington Primary School, Ashford, November 2018

Excellent presenter who hit all the points effectively!
Leanne Westerman, Learning Support Assistant, Seymour Primary School, Crawley, October 2018

The explanation in the role model exercise was fabulous. We should be having regular training as it really helps and it allows TA's to voice their opinions.
Nandally Nourazmah, Teaching Assistant, The Mill Primary Academy, Crawley, October 2018

The new ideas for the hall organisation sound really good. Excellent training. It gave me more ideas on how to approach incidents and use of language.
Ronnie Brooks, Midday Supervisor, Whipton Barton Federation, Exeter, September 2018

Very good for me to understand a more positive way to communicate with children.
Shirley Healey, School Cook, Radford Primary Academy, Coventry, September 2018

Excellent training. It was really useful to learn skills to aid SMSA role and to learn about strategies used in other schools that I would like to see implemented at Whitchurch.
Lisa Hart, Midday Supervisor, Whitchurch Primary School, Harrow, July 2018

Lunchtime used to be such a hot spot for us. Now it's like the heart of our school where children are caring, supportive and inclusive.
Jenny Rolnick, Deputy Headteacher, West Lodge Primary School, Pinner, June 2018

Excellent training. Very productive. I'm feeling a lot more confident dealing with lunchtime incidents.
Nikita Shah, Midday Supervisor, Kenmore Park Infant and Nursery School, Harrow, June 2018

Best training I've had since working in the school (thirty years).
Anne Payne, Midday Supervisor, Heathland School, Harrow, April 2018

Excellent training. The most useful aspect was learning how to effectively promote positive behaviour. Thank you for inviting me to attend this training session.
Jane Bennett, Midday Supervisor, Carlisle Infant School, Hampton, Middlesex, April 2018

Thanks for all your input and support, it has been really productive. I feel we have made a big step forwards and we are really ready to be moving on and making this all a reality! Many thanks for all your positivity.
Teresa Holliday, Deputy Headteacher, Stanburn Primary School, Harrow, April 2018

I personally found the course very interesting, well-presented and relaxed. The course left me lots to think about and to put into practice.
Claire Cope, Midday Supervisor, North Cestrian School, Altrincham, January 2018

Should be a whole staff training opportunity- not just midday staff and learning mentors.
Julie Smith, Midday Supervisor, Henry Maynard Primary School, Walthamstow, January 2018

Great CPD. Useful for all members of staff not just middays. Clear and decisive techniques to achieve a change in school culture.
Francesco Pernice, Teacher, Winston Way Academy, Ilford, January 2018

It's unrecognisable in the dining room now- unbelievably different and so much better. Improving lunchtimes was on our School Development Plan as a key area and it was a really important part of what we were doing in school life. With Recipe For Change we had somebody helping us to really drive this through the school. It's been invaluable because I know that with all the good intentions I had, it just wouldn't have happened without the actual process of Recipe For Change.
Jenny Rolnick, Deputy Headteacher, West Lodge Primary School, Pinner, December 2017

I learned a lot about how to listen and communicate with the children.
John Fatou, Midday Supervisor, Chilwell Croft Academy, Birmingham, November 2017

Excellent training. Great to get ideas on how different schools manage successful lunchtimes.
Nikki Warne, Midday Supervisor, Harefield Infant and Junior School, Uxbridge, November 2017

I wasn't looking forward to it but it has been a very enjoyable morning and I have learnt a lot.
Naomi Garner, Midday Supervisor, Marston Vale Middle School, Bedfordshire, November 2017

Effective, simple procedures to be implemented to reduce congestion/noise levels and to create a more civilised and pleasant environment.
Nicola Cash, Midday Supervisor, Glebe Primary School, Ickenham, Uxbridge, November 2017

Very engaging. Would be good if other staff took part in the training. Offered great ideas and advice.
Karen Palmer, Midday Supervisor, Wyke Primary School, Gillingham, Dorset, November 2017

Interesting course delivered well. Overall an interesting 'up-to-date' view on lunchtime supervision.
Sally Ashmore, Midday Supervisor, Diamond Academy, Thetford, Norfolk, September 2017

I enjoyed the session. A lot more innovative than I thought it would be and will certainly take the training and put it to use at work.
Kim Amphlett, Midday Supervisor, Penkridge Middle School, Stafford, September 2017

The most useful aspects of the training were learning about praising good behaviour and de-escalating incidents.
Hazel Macey, Midday Supervisor, Marshbrook First School, Stafford, September 2017

I have had 11 white slips for the whole of this Summer term. In the Spring term (before the changes were introduced) it was somewhere in the 40s and the Autumn term was somewhere in the 50s. Most of these white slips were for our lunchtimes so a huge change in behaviour.
Parmijt Varaitch, Deputy Headteacher, Hermitage Primary School, Uxbridge, Middlesex, July 2017

It's very easy for everyone in school to get used to what's there, so it's really good to have someone external come in and say things like 'Why's that like that?'...I think it is reinforcing the way we work in the rest of the school, at lunchtime. We do a lot of rights-respecting language in the classroom and that's now starting to come into the lunchtimes. It just makes things smoother for everyone if everyone is using the same language.
Liz Clarke, Assistant Head of School, Holy Trinity CE Primary School, Northwood, Middlesex, July 2017

Excellent training. Thought provoking. Strategic whilst highlighting where improvements can be made operationally. The session emphasises the impact of a good/bad lunchtime experience in the wider context.
Lesley, Contract Manager, Cambridgeshire Catering Services, July 2017

Was so nice to have a new set of eyes on everything. All of the training was fabulous- very interesting and informative. Will definitely implement a lot of the suggestions.
Beverley Moss, Midday Supervisor, Old Cleeve CE First School, Washford, Somerset, June 2017

Paul was a great, confident trainer- easy to listen to.
Louise Corps, Midday Supervisor, St. Nicholas School, Purley, Croydon, June 2017

Was lovely to be listened to. I feel more confident about lunchtimes. A big thank you.
Lynda Bignell, Midday Supervisor, Southfield Primary Academy, Brackley, Northamptonshire, May 2017

It was great to have a chance for us all to discuss our roles and ways to improve. I learnt lots of new ways to make lunchtime more efficient. Thanks, it was a really useful course.
Marianne Forster, Midday Supervisor, Whiteheath Infant School, Ruislip, Middlesex, May 2017

The (Recipe for Change) training has helped bring the whole school back together again. Rather than Supervisors being separate from the school we are now seen as one. Behaviour incidences have gone down drastically at lunchtime and the children are much calmer and ready to learn once they come back in from lunchtime.
Simon Giles, Headteacher, Heathrow Primary School, West Drayton, May 2017

Thank you for listening to us- our concerns and our ideas. Today has been very useful and informative.
Vicki Tilley, Midday Supervisor, Offham Primary School, West Malling, Kent, May 2017

Paul gave us the tools to improve our setting. I feel a lot more confident in dealing with lunchtime incidents.
Deborah Goodhew, Midday Supervisor, Ditton CE Junior School, Ditton, Kent, May 2017

It was really useful to think outside of 'our box'.
Janet Castle, Midday Supervisor, St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, March 2017

Very useful and confidence-boosting, thank you!
Beth Wilshin, Midday Supervisor, Ely St John's Primary School, Ely, Cambridgeshire, March 2017

Very interesting and would like to put the ideas into practice. Definitely sounds like that it would make our role more enjoyable.
Debbie Russell, Midday Supervisor, Whiteheath Junior School, Ruislip, Middlesex, March 2017

Really informative, lots of good ideas.
Evelyn Paterson, Midday Supervisor, Birstall Primary Academy, West Yorkshire, February 2017

The most useful aspect of the training was learning how to use words in a different way to be more positive.
Paula Chaisty, Midday Supervisor, Irthlingborough Junior School, Northamptonshire, February 2017

It was great being listened to and having our views being valued. He gave on-the-spot ideas, solutions and understandable strategies.
Stacey Evans, Midday Supervisor, Andover CE Primary School, Hampshire, January 2017

Very useful training including how to talk to children and handle situations.
Pina Colucci, Midday Supervisor, Bishop Parker Catholic School, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, January 2017

We were all able to voice our opinions and we got some great feedback ideas. Hoping for results and seeing the changes happen- looking forward to it.
Clair Harrison, Midday Supervisor, Buckton Vale Primary School, Stalybridge, Cheshire, January 2017

Excellent. Well-needed training.
Maria McPhillips, Midday Supervisor, Ardley Hill Academy, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, November 2016

Paul, this was good information for all the staff.
Amar, Midday Supervisor, Pear Tree Infant School, Derby, September 2016

I feel a lot more confident dealing with lunchtime incidents. We should have more of this kind of training.
Sabara Chowdhury, Midday Supervisor, Blakesley Hall Primary School, Birmingham, September 2016

The session was really helpful and interesting. I can see how it will improve my lunchtime experience.
Anne Sissons, Midday Supervisor, St Olave's Prep School, New Eltham, London, September 2016

It was a brilliant idea to have the training. We think we know it but this was a good way to learn new and more important techniques and strategies.
Falguni Patel, Midday Supervisor, Stanburn Primary School, Stanmore, Middlesex, September 2016

I really enjoyed this training. We were all together giving our ideas and we are all now on the same hymn sheet.
Karen Johnson, Midday Supervisor, Catherine Junior School, Leicester, August 2016

Enjoyed the session. Feel excited that lunchtimes are going to be better for all the children.
Ellie Howarth, Midday Supervisor, Sir Henry Fermor CE Primary School, Crowborough, East Sussex, June 2016

Minor changes in my behaviour could make a big difference at lunchtime. 'Stand still, thank you' (expectation rather than request).
Hilary Keers, Midday Supervisor, Crosby-on-Eden Primary School, Carlisle, Cumbria, June 2016

I really enjoyed the course. I found it all very useful and I feel a lot more confident.
Pam Fisher, Midday Supervisor, Warwick Bridge Primary School, Carlisle, Cumbria, June 2016

We would appreciate Paul joining us for training in the future as this has been most helpful to us. He listened to us, so thank you.
Victoria Wildsmith, Midday Supervisor, Wyken Croft Primary School, Coventry, June 2016

Excellent training. The most useful aspect of the training was learning how to communicate with the children positively.
Vicky Churchman-Hall, Midday Supervisor, Wootton Lower School, Bedford, April 2016

Paul was a very good communicator. Enjoyed this course. Thank you.
Julie Rollinson, Midday Supervisor, Russells Hall Primary School, Dudley, West Midlands, April 2016

Excellent training. Very informative.
Doreen Little, Midday Supervisor, St Aiden's Catholic Academy, Sunderland, March 2016

Already one of my MSAs has begun to tackle behaviour in a much more positive way. I will be recommending your services to other schools- it was brilliant value and the participants took a great deal away.
Philip Asher, Headteacher, Hormead CE First and Nursery School, Hertfordshire, March 2016

Learned so much from this course- was very informative.
Maxine Ramsaran, Midday Supervisor, Millfield First and Nursery School, Hertfordshire, March 2016

A valuable exercise in fine-tuning good practice. Should improve communication between staff/children but also staff/staff at all levels.
John Squire, Midday Supervisor, Tubbenden Primary School, Orpington, Kent, March 2016

5 stars. He explained everything really really well. I loved it. Thank you.
Benice Barnard, Midday Supervisor, Nythe Primary School, Swindon, March 2016

I found all the training very interesting and helpful. It made me think differently.
Shabir Ahmed, Midday Supervisor, Waterside Primary School, Stoke-on-Trent, March 2016

An enjoyable training day. We were able to discuss matters that we have been finding quite stressful. Paul was a great trainer, easy to speak to and helpful.
Leanne Park, Midday Supervisor, Yewdale Primary School, Carlisle, Cumbria, March 2016

Excellent training. Asked for this type of training last year. Have felt for many years that lunchtime is a missed opportunity in schools.
Julie Tidmarsh, Midday Supervisor, Swan Lane First School, Evesham, Worcestershire, February 2016

Excellently presented in a friendly and approachable way. Came away feeling totally positive and looking forward to working with him again in the future.
Paula Springett, Midday Supervisor, West Hill Primary Academy, Dartford, Kent, January 2016

Paul delivered the training in an interesting way. I enjoyed it and found it all useful. Thank you!
Wendy Rees, Midday Supervisor, Little Common School, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, January 2016

Fantastic tutor. Valuable content.
Tim Liptrot, Midday Supervisor, Stoneleigh Academy, Oldham, Greater Manchester, November 2015

Thank you for doing this and helping us see the wood for the trees. You worked brilliantly with the team and I feel you have moved the group forward and raised enthusiasm and expectation. Brilliant!
Stephen Tippett, Inclusion Leader, Pebsham Primary Academy, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, October 2015

Well-presented. All very thought-provoking and very useful. Excellent.
Janice Pelham, Midday Supervisor, St George's CE Primary School, New Mills, Derbyshire, October 2015

Was great to have your experience and knowledge. Lots of amazing, constructive help. Calm and enthusiastic!
Zoe Wagstaff, Midday Supervisor, Hague Bar Primary School, New Mills, Derbyshire, October 2015

Excellent training. All of the training was very useful to me and has made me feel changes will be made to help us.
Lauren Perry, Midday Supervisor, St Paul's Catholic Primary School, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, September 2015

Well done. Enjoyable yet serious and made to feel important and heard. Thank you. Loved the suggestions made and I really hope they can be implemented.
Siarna, Midday Supervisor, Park Hill Junior School, Croydon, September 2015

Excellent training. Was great to be able to voice our opinions with somebody neutral who understands our concerns. I feel a lot more confident with dealing with lunchtime incidents. Would be great to do again and get feedback.
Clare Griggs, Midday Supervisor, Willesborough Infant School, Ashford, Kent, September 2015

Excellent delivery from Paul. Very enjoyable course. It was all very informative. Thanks.
Santana, Midday Supervisor, Chisenhale Primary School, Bow, London, June 2015

Really good to hear of positive ways to deal with challenging behaviour; not engaging in an argument but nipping it in the bud!
Amy Trice, Midday Supervisor, Southwater Infant Academy, Horsham, West Sussex, January 2015

Excellent training session. We all needed this training.
Gwendy Flynn, Midday Supervisor, Burford CE Primary School, Worcestershire, November 2014

I would like to say 'thank you'. It was all useful and I enjoyed it. It has made me feel a lot more confident in my job.
Carla Anderson, Midday Supervisor, Blueberry Park Primary School, Liverpool, November 2014

Excellent. Very useful. Gained a lot of knowledge and information. Thank you.
Bushra Hussain, Midday Supervisor, Beeston Fields Primary School, Nottingham, October 2014