Burford CE Primary School, Worcestershire

The issue

The acting headteacher explained that Midday Supervisor engagement with the children needed to be improved.

“I would like our supervisors to be consistent with how they deal with certain situations and completion of the training should enable them to do this”, said the acting headteacher. “The behaviour of our pupils is very good, but I feel that the atmosphere in our dining hall needs to be calmer, with all staff striving to achieve the same objective (a calm place to be)”.

Our solution

A one-day training programme for 7 Midday Supervisors. This included:


The outcomes of the training are summarised in the responses to a questionnaire all 7 Midday Supervisors completed on the day. Here is a full breakdown of all the questions and responses.

How would you rate this training?

What aspect of the training was most useful?

“All of it x 3.”

“The whole package.”

“To deal with all learning strategies and dealing with behaviour – great day.”

“Learning different strategies to put in place to deal with children’s behaviour.”

“How to speak to the children in short understandable sentences. The red and gold cards for good and bad behaviour.”

What aspect of the training was least useful?

All Midday Supervisors said “none or N/A”.

Has the training made a difference to your confidence in dealing with lunchtime incidents?

Do you have any other comments?

“Really enjoyable day and learnt a lot.”

“A good meeting. Very interesting.”

“This was a very enjoyable day, learnt some very useful advice.”

“Having a lunchtime meeting (with school leaders) once a term.”

“We all needed this training.”

“We all need training and talking/working together as a team.”