Balfour Primary School

Claudia Burford, Lead MDSA at Balfour Primary, explains how the school benefited from our lunchtime improvement programme.

The issues

During discussions relating to the amalgamation of Balfour Infants and Balfour Junior to create Balfour Primary, issues were raised about Key Stage 2 lunchtime by the Headteacher.

These issues, based on consultations conducted by the school with pupils, teachers and Midday Supervisors, include:

Our solution

Based on the consultation feedback, meetings were held with Brighton & Hove City Council School Meals Team, the caterers, Eden Food Services and Midday Supervisors to discuss and agree a series of systemic lunchtime changes. Based on these meetings the following action plan was agreed and implemented in February 2012.

  1. Provision of new tables and chairs with an increased seating capacity funded by Brighton & Hove City Council School Meals Team.
  2. Children sit in friendship groups as part of three 20 minute set sittings to allow packed lunch eaters to sit with school meal eaters and to ensure they know who they will be sittings with, at what time and for how long.
  3. Children sit down in their friendship groups at the beginning of their sitting to avoid a big queue for school dinners. Midday Supervisors then invite small groups to collect their dinner which reduces queuing time.
  4. Children can’t leave the dining hall during their sitting which gives Midday Supervisors more time to encourage eating.


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