Online Positive Behaviour Training

Our online positive behaviour course will help Midday Supervisors de-escalate incidents and help identify what they need to say and do to build healthy relationships with all children. The course is suitable for Teaching Assistants and catering staff as well as Midday Supervisors. It is based on the successful Supervisor training that Recipe for Change has delivered for hundreds of schools in the UK over the last ten years.

The course includes multiple choice questions; each question gives feedback on why the response would be not so good or why it would be the best response in that particular situation. There is also a series of videos showing role plays of children responding respectfully when Midday Supervisors use the right language. On successful completion of the course you are able to download the course completion certificate. The course also includes the opportunity to chat online about the behaviour issues discussed on the course on our 'Positive Behaviour Chat' and to discuss lunchtime behaviour on our 'Positive Behaviour Forum'.

Individual licences cost £29 (inc. VAT, this includes a one-year licence for one Midday Supervisor). If your school would like to purchase multiple licences for your team of Midday Supervisors (and receive a discount for doing so) then contact Paul Aagaard directly and he will arrange for an invoice to be sent out. You will then be provided with an Enrolment Key to begin the course.