We video interviewed some School Leaders, Supervisors, caterers and children from schools who have commissioned us to deliver our lunchtime improvement programme. These interviews summarise the benefits of our positive behaviour training and the impact that our lunchtime changes has had on Supervisor engagement, behaviour, school meal uptake, food waste and readiness to learn in afternoon lessons.


We publish regular newsletters. This will often include links to our recent blogs, a case study and/or a summary of what Supervisors, from one of the schools we have visited recently, said in their evaluation forms about our positive behaviour training.

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We have produced some brightly coloured Ask Me Why wristbands to reward children and young people who go above and beyond at lunchtime. It is a simple way for Midday Supervisors to improve their engagement with children and help create a welcoming, calm and nurturing lunchtime environment.

Live Diaries

Some of the schools we have been working with have created a diary page on their websites summarizing how Recipe for Change has improved their lunchtimes. From initial consultations and Midday Supervisor training days through to launching new restaurant-style dining rooms, read about how the changes we introduced have transformed lunchtimes. The diaries are regularly updated to show how these changes are continuing to have a positive impact on lunchtimes and beyond.