Midday Supervisor training (half day)

Half day on-site Midday Supervisor training: £395*

Paul Aagaard, Director of Recipe for Change, explains the 5 key benefits of our Midday Supervisor training.

Our training activities

Identify positive phrases that will encourage children to make the right choice

Discuss the importance of responses that focus on what Supervisors want children to start doing rather than stop doing.

Identify ways to de-escalate incidents

Help Supervisors recognise that non-judgemental and non- emotive responses will make sure children feel valued and respected, so they are more likely to respond positively.

Identify behaviour scripts to help build positive relationships with all children

Explain the importance of everyone doing and saying the same thing to make sure behaviour is managed effectively.

Demonstrate what Supervisors need to do and say to improve engagement

Identify Supervisor job responsibilities and explain that being proactive about engagement with the vast majority of children who are well behaved, rather than the tiny minority who behave inappropriately will build positive relationships.

Host school

Will you be inviting other schools to join the training and/or will there be more than 30 Midday Supervisors attending? You may be entitled to a FREE lunchtime review and action plan to improve provision in the dining room and playground through our hosted school model.

*Excludes VAT, travel and subsistence. £395 is based on one school with up to 10 Midday Supervisors. See our pricing structure.

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