Improving Lunchtimes

We have developed a lunchtime recipe for school improvement which is based on four success criteria.


We help schools make sure children behave as well at lunchtime as they do in the classroom. We review and provide guidance on school behaviour policies, so Supervisors know how to implement them properly and work with school council to create a charter of rules they are happy to follow.


We run positive behaviour training for Supervisors. The training introduces Supervisors to strategies that will make sure they are respected and valued and explains how they can build positive relationships with all children.


We help create a restaurant style dining room that motivate children to eat together and eat better. This is based on children knowing who they are sitting with, where, when and for how long.


We talk to schools with our partners Outdoor Play and Learning about the benefits of risky play which teaches children how to look after themselves and the benefits of loose parts (scrap materials) which are more engaging than monkey bars and trim trails.