5 ways to immediately improve your school environment

Posted by Paul Aagaard · 3 min read · 51 comments

Do some of your toilets smell despite regularly being cleaned. Do some of your corridors and classrooms smell musty? Do you have any mouldy walls that look unsightly and smell damp? If you do then read this blog about a product called AirSteril a cheap electronic device which breaks down unwanted bacteria and clears smelly compounds in the air 24/7. The product is certified by the Health Protection Agency. Tests showed a reduction of airborne microorganisms of up to 98.11% within five minutes of exposure and a reduction of surface contamination up to 59.47% in one hour. Using AirSteril - which is already being used in motorway service stations and major retailers like Tesco - will improve your school environment and help prevent infections from spreading.
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