Positive behaviour training that improves midday supervisor engagement with children

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Paul Aagaard, Director of Recipe for Change, explains the 5 key benefits of our Midday Supervisor training.

If your school is losing learning minutes in afternoon lessons because children are talking about unresolved lunchtime incidents and your Midday Supervisors (MDSAs) are struggling to manage challenging behaviour then our Midday Supervisor training can help.

5 key benefits of Midday Supervisor training:

The Recipe for Change training adopts a whole school approach and is an evidence based way of effectively engaging with MDSAs. Here’s a recent testimonial:

“Thank you for doing this Paul and helping us to see the wood for the trees. You worked brilliantly with the team and I feel you have moved the group forward and raised enthusiasm and expectation. Brilliant!”

Inclusion Manager, Pebsham Primary Academy, Bexhill

Paul Aagaard

Paul is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about improving safety and behaviour in schools by transforming lunchtimes. Working in partnership with caterers and local authorities to develop lunchtime improvement programmes, he helps schools ensure that children want to eat better, eat together, engage in good conversation and be more active.

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