Getting on board TheSchoolBus

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To help give school leaders the information and advice they need about universal free school meals and lunchtime provision, we’ve got on board TheSchoolBus – an online compliance and curriculum tool.

TheSchoolBus provides invaluable help and advice on all aspects of school support services including Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Leadership, Governance (including information and implementation of free school meals), Health & Safety, Legal and Facilities Management.

Becoming a contributor to TheSchoolBus means we’ll be able to give even more schools lots of practical advice and information on why school food should be included in their School Development Plan and how it can improve performance.

TheSchoolBus, which provides school leadership teams and teachers with up-to-date and relevant information on everything they need to know, is a fantastic service and one we're very proud to be associated with and support.

To introduce ourselves to TheSchoolBus and its subscribers, we’ve just published our latest piece on their education blog.

In the next few weeks we’ll be contributing lots more information on the importance of school food provision and how to effectively implement universal free school meals.

Paul Aagaard

Paul is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about improving safety and behaviour in schools by transforming lunchtimes. Working in partnership with caterers and local authorities to develop lunchtime improvement programmes, he helps schools ensure that children want to eat better, eat together, engage in good conversation and be more active.