5 ways to immediately improve your school environment

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Does your school council often complain about stinky toilets? Do some of your classrooms smell a bit musty? Do you think some of your soft furnishings smell a bit strange? Do you have any mouldy walls and fungus growth that look horrible and smell like a damp and neglected home? If you do, then you might be interested in AirSteril a cheap and effective electronic device which breaks down unwanted bacteria and clears smelly compounds in the air 24/7.

So how does AirSteril work? The technology is complicated, so let us look at the basics. The AirSteril unit sucks in air that contains all bacteria and VOCs (Volatile organic compounds – paint and solvents etc.) and breaks this down using a UV (Ultraviolet) germicidal light. It then circulates fresh clean air. It kills 98% of all surface bacteria, the vast majority of air borne bacteria and VOCs within the first hour. As toilet odours come from bacteria this means that your toilets will begin to smell fresh within the first hour leaving the toilet pleasant and safe to use.

But what about children who have asthma and allergies? Does AirSteril use any toxic chemicals? No. AirSteril is environmentally friendly and does not use ANY chemicals. It very cleverly destroys unhealthy microbes, making the air we smell and breathe both fresh and clean.

We GUARANTEE that AirSteril will work – or your money back.

Here are 5 ways AirSteril can improve your school environment.

1. Smelly toilets

However well you clean the toilets they are always going to smell because children’s pee will accidentally end up on the floor or on the toilet seat. Cleaning and disinfecting are only a partial solution and cannot stop ongoing contamination, nor will this encourage children to use the facilities regularly (some pupils will avoid going all day into such an unpleasant environment - even restricting their drinking to a harmful extent, with all the implications this has for health and concentration). AirSteril attacks odours at their source and makes your toilets smell fresh.

2. Prevent infections from spreading

Children bringing bugs into schools is a real problem owing to the risk of illness spreading throughout classes. This will affect attendance and children who fall behind require extra attention and time to catch up, hampering teachers’ efforts to move their classes forward. AirSteril will help prevent the spread of germs so if you put one of the units in, for example, a school hall where all your children will gather together for assemblies and for lunch it will mean fewer children and teachers become infected.

3. Musty classrooms

Bad smells in the classroom are likely to distract some children and make it more difficult for them to focus on their learning. AirSteril will attack the source of that smell. It could be mould, it could be bacteria in the carpet or on the tables. AirSteril will, in only a few hours (if you keep the door shut, so ideally do this at night) remove those smells and transform the classroom environment.

4. Smelly sofas

You invite children, parents or governors into your office for a chat and ask them to sit on the sofa so they feel relaxed, but it smells horrible which makes the experience uncomfortable however nurturing and lovely you are. AirSteril will break down the bacteria in your sofa and cover it with a protective film to avoid it becoming contaminated again.

5. Mouldy walls

AirStril can put a stop to mould and fungus growth. It will kill mould and make the room or corridor smell fresh rather than damp and woody.

What is the evidence base for AirSteril?

AirSteril has been certified by the Health Protection Agency. Tests showed a reduction of airborne microorganisms of up to 98.11% within five minutes of exposure and a reduction of surface contamination up to 59.47% in one hour, the surface tests included MRSA. AirSteril is already being used by large facility companies in motorway service stations and in major retailers like Tesco.

Is AirSteril difficult to install?

Most AirSteril units need to be hard wired into your electrics and sit just below the ceiling on the wall so they catch as much air as possible (some units plug into wall sockets) Most of them are about the size of your average laminator.

How much does AirSteril cost?

Units range in price from £295 (this size is sufficient for most school washrooms) to £695 depending on the size of the room you want to use AirSteril in. Each unit will need a new UV light every year at a cost of £40.

If you would like to try AirSteril in your school, we are happy to let you try one for free (for a few weeks) to see how quickly it can transform your school environment.

For more information about piloting AirSteril at your school please email info@recipeforchange.co.uk or ring Paul Aagaard on 01424 559363.

Paul Aagaard

Paul is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about improving safety and behaviour in schools by transforming lunchtimes. Working in partnership with caterers and local authorities to develop lunchtime improvement programmes, he helps schools ensure that children want to eat better, eat together, engage in good conversation and be more active.

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