10 tips to make Universal Infant Free School Meals a recipe for success

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We believe that Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) can help improve children’s development and attainment, but only if schools recognise the importance of lunchtime. These 10 evidence-based tips, developed over the last 10 years, will help schools get UIFSM right:

  1. Lunchtime Supervisor training
  2. Pathway to encourage healthier eating
  3. Lunchtime tour for parents
  4. Rewards programme
  5. Lunchtime learning
  6. Healthy eating days
  7. Communication between Midday Supervisors, caterers and school leader
  8. School council meeting with Midday Supervisors
  9. Food curriculum sessions led by caterers
  10. Strategic importance of lunchtime

For a deeper dive on how and why these tips are a recipe for success, see our educational blog at TheSchoolBus.

Paul Aagaard

Paul is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about improving safety and behaviour in schools by transforming lunchtimes. Working in partnership with caterers and local authorities to develop lunchtime improvement programmes, he helps schools ensure that children want to eat better, eat together, engage in good conversation and be more active.