Our team

Paul Aagaard – Director

Paul Aagaard

I am a social entrepreneur and I am passionate about improving safety and behaviour in schools by transforming lunchtimes.

It was whilst I was running a Food in Schools programme for the NHS in East Sussex from 2005–2012 that I recognised schools needed support with their lunchtimes. In many cases lunchtime has become an unstructured and poorly supervised part of the academic day resulting in children feeling rushed and not enjoying their social time. To address these important issues I launched Recipe for Change in 2012 offering schools, and other settings involved with food provision, lunchtime improvement programmes that create relaxing, enjoyable and calm environments.

Prior to running the Food in Schools programme for the NHS, I helped launch the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme into the South East Region in 2004. I am also a Vice Chair of Governors for St Leonard’s Church of England Primary School in East Sussex.

Between 2000 and 2004 I was a Further Education teacher at Morley College in London lecturing on nutrition and healthy lifestyles courses and developed health and wellbeing programmes for Procter and Gamble and Marks and Spencers. In 1996 I qualified as an exercise to music teacher and taught exercise classes at David Lloyd Leisure and Central YMCA for 7 years.

Prior to working in health and fitness I worked in marketing for 10 years developing sales promotion and sponsorship campaigns for companies including Puma UK and Rank Hovis.

Stuart Ramsbottom – Non Executive Director

I am a health promotion specialist who believes strongly that our experiences during childhood are a key influence on what we then achieve as an adult. What we experience at school as well as at home can be a significant influence on a range of behaviours including eating, learning and socialising and being active. These are all important determinants that contribute to our overall health and well-being.

I have worked for 26 years within public health in East Sussex working in a range of senior roles across a number of NHS organisations including being both a specialist Health Improvement service provider and commissioner. I have a specific interest in programmes focused on increasing physical activity participation, improving uptake of a healthy diet and reducing obesity, all major public health issues that we face. Within this work, I contributed to the development of the Food in Schools programme working with Paul Aagaard between 2007 and 2011. I believe that Recipe for Change is well placed to support schools and indeed other organisations to deliver a lunchtime environment that will result in a healthy experience for all.

I have a successful record in strategic planning, developing evidence based programmes, securing funding for new projects, achieving targets and producing innovative health promotion resources.