Fit and Healthy Childhood APPG

Recipe for Change is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood - APPG. The group promotes evidence based discussion and produces reports on all aspects of childhood health to inform policy decisions and debate relating to childhood.

A sub-group of this APPG focussing on Mental Heath in Childhood was set up in February 2018. Recipe for Change prepared a submission paper for a Report to guide policy makers on how and why lunchtime provision at school can help improve children's mental health. This report has now been published (June 2018) and our recommendation for the lunchtime period to be included in individual school development plans as an Ofsted requirement has been included in this report. Under the section entitled 'Strategies to Improve School Lunchtimes' the report has also included our recommendation to encourage settings to provide all school children with the opportunity of a one-hour break at lunch with time to both eat and play.