Our Midday Supervisor training improves lunchtime behaviour and pupil engagement.

“The impact on pupil behaviour, and to afternoon learning across the school, was rapid and effective; staff have been empowered to make the changes and to look at ways forward; they have time to interact with pupils and to discuss food choices” said the Headteacher at Pebsham Primary Academy.

“Already my Midday Supervisors have begun to tackle behaviour in a much more positive way” said the Headteacher at Hormead CE Primary School. “It was brilliant value and the participants took a great deal away.”

When lunchtimes are improved

Children are safer

Fewer lunchtime incidents occur when schools are focused on creating a calm and relaxing dining room environment.


Children’s concentration is better

When children eat together, eat better and engage in good conversation, their readiness to learn in afternoon lessons improves.

Teachers don’t lose learning minutes

Afternoon lessons get started on time when children aren’t distracted by unresolved lunchtime incidents.

‘Ask Me Why’ Wristbands

‘Ask Me Why’ wristbands are an ideal way to reward children and young people at lunchtime who go above and beyond.

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What school leaders say:

School Diaries

Read these school diaries to find out more about our work.

Stanburn Primary School

Stanburn Primary School

“Pupils feel more secure and happy.”

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West Lodge Primary School

West Lodge Primary School

“We love our dining room!”

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Lunchtime learning

Lunchtime is a great opportunity to help reinforce learning outcomes. Times Table Plates are an evidence based example.

We are certain that the exposure to multiplication facts over lunch is having a positive impact on the children’s instant recall.

Head teacher in South Yorkshire

What an ingenious learning tool, and the children don’t even realise they are learning.

Reception teacher in Sussex

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Outdoor Play and Learning

Recipe for Change work in partnership with OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) who help schools create happier playtimes, better play spaces and enable staff to support outdoor learning. The benefits include improved behaviour and reclaiming up to 20 minutes teaching time after lunch.

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