Benefits for your school

Recipe for Change offers schools like yours the opportunity to enhance and improve all aspects of lunchtime, both in the dining hall and in the playground. This involves helping and supporting the many stakeholders who contribute to this important part of a child's development.


Introducing a restaurant style lunchtime can help create a safer environment, improve behaviour and concentration and, as a result, can have significant benefits for your school.

Kitchen staff

Working in partnership with you, your catering company and the school, we are passionate about creating a lunchtime experience which is calm, relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.

Midday Supervisors

With a lunchtime structure that actively reduces queuing, noise and food waste, you have the ideal environment in which to fully engage with the children.


Our lunchtime improvement programmes help to ensure that children want to eat better, eat together, engage in good conversation and be more active.

Young people

We understand how important lunchtime is for spending time with your friends and making new ones. We help schools create a lunchtime experience that allows you to eat together, wait for each other before leaving and enjoy chatting to your friends.